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Orthotics FAQ

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COVID19 (Coronavirus)

On May 26th, 2020, the Ministry of Health announced that after approximately 2 months and a half in which health professionals were limited to providing urgent/emergency services to patients it has amended Directive #2 to allow for ‘’all deferred and non-essential and elective services carried by Health Care Providers’’ to be gradually restarted, subject to a number of requirements contained in the amended directive.

In other words, Ontario Chiropractors and Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) can, under certain conditions, start the process of getting back to their work and driving passion - providing the highest quality care for all their patients.

Please read carefully the information below before making an appointment to ensure that the health and safety of our families and yours is optimized during the outbreak of COVID-19. Also please note that due to certain restrictions we have limited availability for massage and chiropractic appointments. For this reason we will continue to prioritize our clients and patients with urgent needs.

We invite you to contact us by email at doctor@rfchiro.ca or by phone at (613) 606-5353 with any additional question you may have.